Review of the Online Slot Game Imperial Riches

Review of the Online Slot Game Imperial Riches

The slot machine known as Imperial Riches is a great example of what can be accomplished by the game developer NetEnt, which is recognized for creating games with an excellent visual flair. Behind the five reels there is a lovely view of a pond with ornate red pathways and lanterns that slowly wave in the breeze. There is also a soothing music in the manner of Asia to go along with this relaxing setting.

In addition to the playing card symbols, you will also find other famous emblems, such as fortunate coins, golden fish, and bamboo plants. There are also many bonus symbols, which, when triggered, may lead to features such as the Lucky Pond bonus round (during which fish can provide quick winnings), as well as the progressive jackpot bonus round. If you look above each reel, you’ll see one of the five jackpots displayed there. These jackpots range in value from the little Rapid award of 100.00 to the enormous Mega jackpot, which continues to grow in size until it is won by a single player.

A feature known as the Avalanche is included in the Imperial Riches slot machine. This mechanism deletes winning symbols and has the potential to generate additional wins from a single paid game. You may play it on personal computers, mobile devices running iOS, Android, or Windows, and you’ll get the same fantastic graphics and functionality no matter which platform you choose.

Instructions for Playing the Slot Machine Game “Imperial Riches”

It utilizes the standard set of controls that are provided by NetEnt, but each button has an Eastern appearance to it. You may choose a wager amount anywhere from 0.15 to 30.00 each spin, and both the setup and gameplay of Imperial Riches are quite simple. When playing the basic games, a win is achieved by matching symbols across any of the 15 lines beginning on the left side of the screen. Symbols that contribute to a win are removed from the reels. This results in places that are available for new ones to slide down, which may result in new combinations, which then repeats this avalanche system.

You may find out how much each symbol is worth by pressing the “I” icon on the toolbar. The most valued symbol is the golden fish, which is worth 100 times the original bet when it completely fills a payline. Card symbols may return up to 6.6 times your total wager. A gong wild sign may act as a replacement for other symbols when necessary, but it does not have any value on its own.

There is also a setting called Autoplay, and you can engage a feature called Quickspin by clicking the little spanner that is located below the reels. Other control choices include these.

Free Spins, Jackpots, and Other Bonuses Are Waiting for You in the Imperial Riches Slot.

If you land three, four, or five red lanterns simultaneously, you’ll be awarded 10, 15, or 20 free games (that NetEnt call Free Falls). During this round, there is still a chance for Avalanches to happen, and you will get jewels for every victory. When the free games come to a close, these jewels are tossed into a pond that is populated by a variety of colorful coin fish and bonus fish. If the Coin fish consumes jewels, you will be awarded cash winnings equal to five, ten, or fifteen times the amount of your stake. On the other hand, if the Bonus fish consumes jewels, you will advance to the jackpot round.

The results of this are shown in a different pond, where there is one Coin fish and five Jackpot fish. You have 50 gems to throw into this pond, and you will earn a prize if the Coin fish consumes one of your gems. You earn the reward that corresponds to the number of gems that any Jackpot fish consumes, and the game is over when this occurs. If you’re lucky, the Mega fish will be the one to consume all three gems first, resulting in a payment from the progressive jackpot. These are local jackpots, which are offered only at each casino. Although they are not enormous, the Mega reward may still reach ten thousand dollars or more.

The maximum wins, return to player percentage, and volatility of the Imperial Riches slot.

The Imperial Riches slot machine has a maximum payout of 1500 times your initial wager, or $45,000.00 if you play at the maximum level of intensity. This is in addition to any progressive jackpots that may be awarded. This is a low-volatility game, which means that rather than having rare payouts of a high value, it has a tendency to give out a large number of prizes of a lower value. This is a little decrease when compared to many others. When compared to a variety of different slot machines, the average returns of 96.88 percent are somewhat higher.

Our Imperial Riches Slot Machine Verdict

This is a stunning-looking game that also has some exciting elements in both the regular gameplay and the bonus round. The free spins feature has the potential to be the most thrilling component of the game, but avalanches of symbols may result in several wins in a row if the player is lucky enough to trigger it.

You are certain to walk away with a reward if you participate in the Lucky Pond rounds. Take a few spins on the Imperial Riches slot machine, available at all of our recommended online and mobile casinos, and find out whether the fortunate fish are biting today.

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