Review of Top Scratch Casino

Review of Top Scratch Casino

This online gaming site’s slogan is, “Fortune is only a scratch away.” In addition to the message, the fact that we did not utilize the word “online casino” is a significant indication. Top Scratch is thus not a casino, but rather a hub for digital scratch-to-win games. Obviously, the physical act of scratching cannot yet be replicated in the virtual world, but hopefully you can envision how these games work: click to “scratch” whatever is required to be scratched, and then watch as your winnings accumulate (if everything goes according to plan) or deplete (if things don’t go as planned).

Taking all of this into consideration, Top Scratch will be a very polarizing gaming website, as many players will not be pleased with these games alone. Indeed, many full-service casino websites offer scratch games in addition to poker, roulette, and other ways to win, so it’s puzzling why anyone would go to the trouble (and expense) of registering and developing an entire website devoted to a type of game that most people consider a side attraction.

The landing page provides a few hints. The primary static image is a lady who seems to be in her 30s and is smiling, but is a fairly average person – unlike the glamorous women that often decorate the homepage of online casino websites. Without being too harshly judgemental, the general message appears to be that this is the target demographic; that this crowd probably wouldn’t bother coming to a full-service casino website for its scratchy thrills; providing them with a separate website is the only way to really attract them.

When You Have an Itch… Do we need to complete this sentence? Most likely not. So, according to all reports, this is the spot to play scratch games, and those who believe scratch games are restricted and repetitive are in for a major surprise.

The developers have crammed as many menu choices onto the homepage as would be expected of a comprehensive casino website. Popular, Classic, Sports, Fantasy, Casino, Slots, and View All are the available selections. Obviously, Most Popular and View All are self-explanatory, so let’s concentrate on the other categories for this evaluation.

So You’re Saying Now That There Is a Casino?

Yes and no, in truth. The Casino choice instantly displays an image of a roulette table; as you scroll through the photos, you will also discover references to poker and other traditional casino games. However, they are all packaged in a manner that would annoy casino enthusiasts while without alienating the primary market.

Imagine a marriage between a scratch-off game and a casino game, and you’ll be in the ballpark. It seems a little unusual, though, considering that the majority of visitors to this site are unlikely to be interested in the casino games part of online gambling, and the great majority of those who want the complete online casino experience would not sign up for a scratch-focused website. Still, you can’t criticise them for offering such a wide variety of scratch card games; variety is, after all, the spice of life. Or maybe the correct term is diversity.


Again, this is an odd case. If you first visit the Top Scratch website and do not thoroughly consider the name, you may be misled into assuming that live sports betting alternatives are available. There is none. Nonetheless, the sports scratch games are quite cool, to steal from the overly sweet US slang lexicon, and we found ourselves employing them a great deal more often than the bulk of other varieties.

We really loved the Shoot N’ Score basketball game, in which you take shots at the hoop and scratch off the required panels as you score. It’s a lot of fun and adds a whole new dimension to the scratch process. Similarly, we like bowling for the same reason. Both feature great animation effects to prevent it from seeming too dead.

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